About me

Hello, I am Lucille.

I am 32 and live near Luxembourg.

I grew up in Paris area and moved a lot during my studies,
in France and abroad.
I worked in Disney World in Florida – not playing Minnie Mouse but selling princess dresses – and studied in California.

I moved to Luxembourg in 2011 and stayed in the area since then.

I started photographing my family and friends with a documentary approach.
I fell in love with live and instant portrait and started my adventure as professional photographer in 2016.

To be fully transparent, I never dreamed of a fairy tale wedding for myself and rarely went to weddings before being a photographer.
But I love being a wedding photographer !
I love these happy moments with you, your family and friends.
I am fond of capturing emotions and funny moments.
By my personal story I know family photos can be priceless.
This probably feed my passion for family and wedding photography.

Before being a photographer I was working in Luxembourg in a multicutural company.

I am always happy to find again such rich environment when I photograph international weddings.

I am based near Luxembourg and can easily travel.