Pre wedding session in the woods at fall season

Pre wedding photography session Luxembourg

Wedding photography Luxembourg

This cute couple will soon be getting married and I will be their wedding photographer.
They chose the fabulous Clos de Lorraine to celebrate their union, and I am so happy to go back to this place !
In order to get to know each other better before their D-day, we organized an pre wedding session.

This couple session took place in Luxembourg, in a little piece of nature chosen by the future weds.
I didn’t know the area until the moment of the shooting.
When I saw the beautiful autumn colors and sunlight got very excited !

When you see these pictures you might think this is Canada, but no I guarantee you this is Luxembourg 🙂

A big thank you to this couple for their trust and for letting me share my work here.


Couple laughing on a bench in the forest

Bracl and White couple photography

Pre wedding photography session Luxembourg

Pre wedding photography session Luxembourg

Couple photo session Luxembourg

Engagement photo shoot in Luxembourg

Couple photography session Luxembourg

Wedding photographer Luxembourg

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Reasons to choose a pre wedding session

Choosing an Engagement session before your wedding day is a great idea.
Why ? For so many reasons !

– You and your photographer get to know each other.
On your wedding day, we will all be more confortable.
This means that you look 100% natural on your pictures.
You will trust me and I know it.
I will be able to  spend 10 minutes at the same spot, run, lay down or jump on a chair to get THE perfect shot.
All of that without you thinking “what the h… is she doing” 🙂 !

– You see yourself on the photo and see you are beautiful
If you don’t generally like yourself in photos your might worry about your wedding photos.
By doing a pre wedding session, you will discover my approach.
You will see that I take natural pictures, focusing on you and your love.
You will like the result and be reassured for the D Day !

– A personnalized guest book
With the Engagement photos, I will offer you to prepare a nice Guest Book.
On your wedding day, your family and friends will discover the pictures in the album and write their congratulations next to them.
This is much nicer than a blank classic Guest book, don’t you think ?

A nice break away from the wedding preparation
We all know a wedding can be a lot of work and stress !
This pre wedding session is a good excuse to simply take a moment for you two.
Talk a walk, forget your phones and everything else.
Simply enjoy a romantic quiet time.